online Examination System

Project Name: Free Online Examination Project  with source code provides free project in PHP  (Free Download)
Project Type: Web Application
Using Platform: PHP
Used Programming Language:HTML,HTML5,CSS,CSS3, Bootstrap and JavaScript
Software Tools: Notepad++, Sublime Text, Adobe Dreamweaver
Database name: MySQL
Supported Browser: Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Supported Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, Mac.

PHP Software tool Requirement for the project running:

  • Xampp
  • Lamp
  • Wamp
  • Apache
  • Mysql

How to Configuration (Run)  the Free Project

  • Download the project zip file
  • Free Project Unzip and past root directory file
  • Longing MySQL database and create the database example database name: “database’
  • Database Import the (URL type localhost/phpmyadmin/server_import.php) Choose to file SQL Click
  • Type project URL Link: localhost/job news
  • Login admin Panel Type  URL Link: http://localhost/jobnews/admin
  • User  Login Name: user
  • User Login Password: user
  • Project admin panel Login User Name: Admin
  • Project admin panel Login Password: Admin

How to Download Free Online Examination with Source Code Provide a free project in PHP

Free project and source code download Online Examination  System with source code Free Download from the category of PHP free project. This project provides The download file size of the Online Examination  System with the source code is 12.68 MB.

If you want to download the online Examination System free project and source code, please go to the Click For Download button and wait for a few seconds. Click Checkout and fill up personal information then Click- free Download “Bottom” Click Project name.

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