Online Exam Android App with Admin Panel Code

In an online Exam Android App look at the understudy login and get a dashboard in the android application and on the web board. When inspecting login to the server he/she gets his/her profile as of now registered.

Look at an alter and refresh their profile. On the dashboard look at the various alternatives like tests, results, subjects, downloads, enlist numbers, notice, my profile, Logout, change a secret word, share application, and so forth. On select tests, show a rundown of tests of analyze class and division, and on select specific tests show detailed data of that test and the status of the analyst for that specific test. On the snap of Begin Assessment acknowledge first terms and conditions and start the test with oversee timing for a specific test.

All answers given by looking at are spared into the server with his/her profile data.

Online assessment framework additionally permits to addressing of the appropriate response if the inspector is expected to change any answer in the assessment period, In any case, look at can likewise check question is invalid if the question is not in a legitimate organization after the time term any change won’t permit. On the off chance that your test not finished yet time is finished, at that point, that case test consequently submitted and shows the consequence of that test.

On results show good and bad checks of inquiries and rate and status of tests like pass or come up short and so forth Additionally furnish a key audit of that test with okay answers to inquiries. In My subject show subject rundown. Results show the result rundown of every single given test. The notice shows a rundown of notifications included by the manager. Likewise show a rundown of enrollment numbers.

In the study material, two kinds of study materials were pdf and video. inspect can choose the type and get material according to the kind of material. This likewise makes c checking the appropriate response simple and blunder confirmation as PCs are more exact than men and give quick outcomes as well. We make an Online Examination framework in the two dialects Android and php.

Free project and source code download Online Exam Android App with Admin Panel Code. Free Download from the category of Online Exam Android App with Admin Panel Code. This project provides Download file size 41.1 MB (43,174,976 bytes of Online Exam Android App with Admin Panel Code.

Executive of Online Examinations has different highlights, for example,

  • Add,
  • Delete,
  • Update Students,
  • Subject,
  • Departments,
  • classes,
  • study materials,
  • select numbers,
  • Exams,
  • produce question papers,
  • video materials,
  • notice,
  • School data and Questions.

Software Requirement 

  • Android Studio Software
  • Java Software
  • Internet Connection
  • Java Runtime Environment
  • Android SDK Tools

Hardware Requirements For Android Apps.

  • Intel Pentium 4 or Faster 2 GHz Processor
  • 4-8 GB RAM Minimum
  • 3 GB of Hard Disk available space
  • Monitor  resolution Minimum 1280X800

Download Code

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