Human Resource Management System Project C#

Project Name: Human Resource Management System Project C#
Project Type Web Application
Project Platform
Project category Project C#
Used  Programming Languages C#HTML,HTML5,CSS,CSS3, Bootstrap and JavaScript
Database SQL Server 2014
Web Servers IIS webserver
Supported Browser Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Supported Operating System Windows 7/8, Windows 10, Linux
Using Software Tools Visual Studio Software

File Formate: RAR

File share: Cpanel.

Used Language:  Framework  with C#, HTML, CSS

This Human Resource Management System can be utilized to deal with your worker’s record. It is made utilizing C#.NET and MS SQL Server. Coding Stand is 3 Tier Architecture.

Project Overview

The HRMS will serve as a centralized platform for managing employee-related tasks, such as employee information, attendance tracking, leave management, payroll processing, and performance evaluations.

Tools and Technologies

  • ASP.NET: A web development framework by Microsoft.
  • C#: The programming language used with ASP.NET.
  • SQL Server: A database management system for storing employee data, attendance records, and more.
  • HTML/CSS: For building the user interface.
  • JavaScript: To enhance the frontend experience.
  • Entity Framework: For efficient database operations.
  • ASP.NET Identity: For user authentication and authorization.

Project Steps

1. Project Setup

  • Create a new ASP.NET project using Visual Studio or your preferred development environment.
  • Choose the appropriate template (MVC or Web Forms) for your project.
  • Organize the project structure with folders for models, views, controllers, and other necessary components.

2. Database Design

  • Design the database schema to store employee information, attendance records, leave data, payroll details, and more.
  • Define the required models and set up the database context using Entity Framework.

3. User Authentication and Roles

  • Implement user registration and authentication using ASP.NET Identity.
  • Create roles for administrators, managers, and employees to manage access rights.

4. Employee Information Management

  • Develop forms to input and update employee details such as personal information, contact information, job roles, etc.
  • Enable administrators to manage employee records and permissions.

5. Attendance Tracking

  • Create a mechanism for employees to mark their attendance.
  • Implement attendance reports and summaries for administrators.

6. Leave Management

  • Design a system for employees to request and track leaves.
  • Allow managers to approve or reject leave requests and maintain a leave calendar.

7. Payroll Processing

  • Implement a payroll module to calculate salaries, deductions, and bonuses.
  • Generate pay stubs and maintain payment records.

8. Performance Evaluations

  • Develop a performance evaluation system with predefined criteria and employee self-assessment.
  • Enable managers to conduct evaluations and provide feedback.

9. Notifications and Reminders

  • Set up notifications and reminders for upcoming events, birthdays, performance reviews, etc.

10. Reports and Analytics

  • Generate various reports, such as attendance reports, leave history, payroll summaries, and performance evaluations.
  • Use data visualization tools to provide insights to HR personnel.

11. Security and Privacy

  • Ensure data security by implementing encryption and access control.
  • Comply with data protection regulations and best practices.

12. Testing and Deployment

  • Thoroughly test the application for functionality, security, and user experience.
  • Deploy the application to a secure web server, following best deployment practices.


Creating a Human Resource Management System using ASP.NET and C# is a substantial project that can significantly improve HR processes within an organization. By following the outlined steps, you can develop a feature-rich application that simplifies employee management, attendance tracking, leave processing, payroll, and performance evaluations. Regularly update and enhance the system based on user feedback and evolving HR requirements.

The features Project Details

  1. Employee Details
  2. Department Details
  3. Job Details
  4. Leave Details
  5. Create a User Account
  6. Employee Report
  7. Salary Report
  8. Backup SQL Database and more other option

Account Login Password and User Name:

username = john

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