PHP Fashionable blog site with Source Code

This project’s PHP free fashionable Word Press blog site with source fashionable Word Press blogsite has been developed in PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, query, and JavaScript. We will expand a simple PHP-free project for colleges and universities who want to use the PHP Free fashionable Word Press blog site to research and learn.

There are two features used in the project Backend and front-end features.

Fashionable Word Press blog website used features pages:


Develop a web-based platform where fashion enthusiasts can share and explore the latest trends, styles, and tips.


  1. User Authentication:
    • User registration and login functionality.
    • Secure password storage.
  2. Homepage:
    • Display featured blog posts.
    • Highlight popular and recent articles.
  3. Blog Categories:
    • Categorize blog posts into fashion-related topics (e.g., clothing, accessories, trends).
    • Allow users to filter content based on categories.
  4. Blog Posts:
    • Create, edit, and delete blog posts.
    • Include images, videos, and text content in blog posts.
    • Implement a WYSIWYG editor for easy content creation.
  5. Comments and Interactivity:
    • Allow users to comment on blog posts.
    • Implement a like or favorite system for posts.
    • Enable sharing of blog posts on social media.
  6. User Profiles:
    • User profiles displaying their authored posts and favorite articles.
    • Editable user profiles with profile pictures.
  7. Search Functionality:
    • Implement a search bar for users to find specific articles.
    • Option to filter search results by category or date.
  8. Responsive Design:
    • Ensure the website is accessible on various devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).
  9. User Notifications:
    • Notify users of new comments, likes, or followers.
    • Email notifications for account-related activities.
  10. Admin Panel:
    • Secure login for administrators.
    • Manage blog posts, categories, and user accounts.
    • Monitor and moderate user-generated content.
  11. Security:
    • Input validation to prevent SQL injection and other attacks.
    • Secure communication (HTTPS).
    • Session management for user authentication.
  12. Technologies:
    • PHP for server-side scripting.
    • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the frontend.
    • Use a PHP framework like Laravel or CodeIgniter for efficient development.
    • MySQL or another database to store blog posts, user information, and comments.
    • AJAX for dynamic updates, especially in comments and notifications.
  13. Testing:
    • Implement unit testing for critical components.
    • Test the application’s functionality with various scenarios.
  14. Documentation:
    • Provide clear and concise documentation for code, API endpoints, and database schema.

How to Download fashionable Word Press blog site Project

 Free project and source code download PHP Free fashionable Word Press blog site with source code Free Download from the category of PHP free project. This project provides freeproject24 .com. Download file size fashionable Word Press blog site source code is 1.42 MB (1,498,037 bytes).

Click for the Download button and wait for few seconds. Click Checkout and from full up personal information then click free Download “Bottom” Click Project name.

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