Oracle 11g Inventory management system full free project with source code

Oracle 11g Inventory management system
Oracle 11g Inventory management system

This project Oracle Free project Oracle 11g Inventory management system has been developed in Oracle SQL, PLSQL, Forms 1og, Reports, and DBA .We will expand a simple Oracle SQL, PLSQL, Forms 1og, Reports and DBA free project for college and university who want to use the Oracle  Oracle 11g Inventory management system project to research and learn.

The main activities for developing this Oracle 11g Inventory management system project in java are to manage the details Oracle 11g Inventory management system, Company info, daily receive, department info, designation employee info, search item info, item type, quality, job info, open stock, sector select item report, select warehouse, supplier unit form, daily report and more.

Oracle 11g Inventory management system Free project and free source code for  final year college and university students can submit supply code in college and university.

Oracle 11g Inventory Management System involves several components, including the database schema, backend logic, and frontend interface. Below is a simplified content outline for such a project. Note that this is just a guide, and you’ll need to adapt it based on your specific requirements.

Project Content Outline:

1. Database Design:

  • Tables:
    • Products
    • Categories
    • Suppliers
    • Transactions
  • Relationships:
    • Products belong to Categories and Suppliers
    • Transactions reference Products
  • Constraints:
    • Primary and foreign key constraints

2. Backend (PL/SQL or Java, etc.):

  • Stored Procedures:
    • add_product: Add a new product to the inventory.
    • update_inventory: Update the quantity on hand for a product.
    • record_transaction: Record transactions (sales, purchases, etc.).
  • Triggers:
    • Implement triggers for automatic updates (e.g., decrease quantity on hand after a sale).
  • Views:
    • Create views for reporting purposes (e.g., current inventory status).
  • Security:
    • Implement user roles and permissions to restrict access.

3. Frontend (Web Interface, Desktop App, etc.):

  • User Authentication:
    • Login functionality with user roles (admin, staff).
  • Dashboard:
    • Overview of current inventory status.
    • Graphical representation of sales, purchases, etc.
  • Product Management:
    • Add, edit, and delete products.
    • View detailed information about each product.
  • Transaction Management:
    • Record sales and purchases.
    • View transaction history.
  • Reports:
    • Generate reports on inventory levels, sales, and other relevant metrics.

4. Documentation:

  • Database Schema:
    • Detailed explanation of each table, field, and relationship.
  • Backend Logic:
    • Explanation of stored procedures, triggers, and views.
  • Frontend Interface:
    • Screenshots and explanations of different screens and functionalities.
  • User Guide:
    • How to use the system, including step-by-step instructions.

5. Testing:

  • Unit Testing:
    • Test individual components (e.g., stored procedures).
  • Integration Testing:
    • Ensure that the frontend and backend work together seamlessly.

6. Deployment:

  • Setup Scripts:
    • SQL scripts to create the database schema, tables, and initial data.
  • Deployment Guide:
    • Step-by-step instructions for deploying the system.

7. Future Improvements:

  • Scalability:
    • Considerations for handling a larger volume of data.
  • Security Updates:
    • Plans for implementing security updates and patches.

Project Name: Free Oracle 11g Inventory management system  with source code (Free Download)
Project Type: Desktop Application
Using Platform: Oracle
Used Programming Language: SQLPLSQL, Forms 1og, Reports
Software Tool: Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g Developer Suite, Oracle SQL Developer
Database name: SQL
Supported Browser: Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Supported Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, Mac.

PHP Software tool Requirement for the project running:

  • Oracle Database 11g software
  • Java JDK

How to Download  Oracle 11g Inventory management system with source code in Oracle.

Free project and source code download Oracle 11g Inventory management system with source code Free Download from the category of Oracle free project. This project provides Download file size of Oracle 11g Inventory management system with source code is 12.4 MB.



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