Online Bus Ticket Booking Project in php with source code

Project Name: Free Project online bus ticket booking project in Php with source code
Project Type Web Application
Project Platform PHP
Project category PHP P Free Project
Used  Programming Languages PHP, JavaScript, and CSS
Front End JavaScript
Database PHP MySQL
Web Servers Localhost or Linux Hosting
Supported Browser Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Supported Operating System Windows 7/8, Windows 10, Linux using
g Software Tools Notepad++, Sublime Text, Adobe Dreamweaver

Bus Booking is a long-course transport reservation framework. This is introduced by fine arrangements. We have figured out how to give travelers the best detail first with the choice to pick their seats without any problem. This framework is web-based and is written in PHP and MYSQL. Constantly, it comprises two fundamental segments client-side and administrator.

Free Project online bus ticket booking project in PHP with source code for MCA, BCA engineering, B.SC in CSE, certificate in the building (CSE), IT, software engineer final year college and university students can submit supply code in college and university.

Online Bus Ticket Booking System in PHP involves multiple components, including database design, backend logic, and frontend interface. Below is a description of each component and the key features that could be included in such a project:

1. Database Design:

  • Tables:
    • Routes: Contains details about bus routes, including source, destination, and distance.
    • Buses: Stores information about buses, such as bus ID, name, capacity, and assigned route.
    • Users: Manages user information, including name, contact details, and login credentials.
    • Bookings: Records details of each booking, such as user ID, bus ID, seat number, and booking date.
  • Relationships:
    • Buses are associated with routes through foreign keys.
    • Bookings link users to buses and specific seats.

2. Backend (PHP):

  • Services:
    • RouteService: Manages operations related to bus routes (add, edit, delete).
    • BusService: Handles operations related to buses.
    • UserService: Manages user-related operations (registration, login).
    • BookingService: Handles bus seat booking and cancellation.
  • Business Logic:
    • Validate user inputs during registration and booking.
    • Implement seat availability checks.
    • Calculate the total cost of a booking based on the selected seats.
  • Integration with Database:
    • Use MySQL or another suitable database to store and retrieve data.
  • Security:
    • Implement secure user authentication and password hashing.
    • Protect against SQL injection and other common security vulnerabilities.

3. Frontend (HTML, CSS, JavaScript):

  • User Authentication:
    • Implement a login and registration system for users.
  • Bus Search and Booking:
    • Allow users to search for buses based on source, destination, and date.
    • Display available buses and their details.
    • Enable users to select seats and proceed with the booking.
  • User Profile:
    • Display user information and booking history.
    • Allow users to cancel bookings.
  • Admin Panel:
    • Provide an admin interface for managing routes, buses, and user bookings.
  • User-friendly Interface:
    • Intuitive design for easy navigation.

4. Reports:

  • Generate Reports:
    • Create reports on bus bookings, revenue, and user activity.
  • Export Functionality:
    • Allow administrators to export reports in common formats (PDF, Excel).

5. Documentation:

  • Code Documentation:
    • Comments for classes and functions.
  • User Guide:
    • Instructions on how to use the system.
    • Troubleshooting tips.

6. Testing:

  • Unit Testing:
    • Test individual components and services.
  • Integration Testing:
    • Ensure that the frontend and backend components work seamlessly.

7. Deployment:

  • Setup Scripts:
    • Provide scripts to set up the database schema and initial data.
  • Deployment Guide:
    • Step-by-step instructions for deploying the system.

8. Future Improvements:

  • Scalability:
    • Considerations for handling a larger number of routes, buses, and users.
  • Enhancements:
    • Plans for additional features or improvements based on feedback.

PHP server tool requirement for the project running:

  • LAMP
  • WAMP

The free project How to Configuration

  • Download the project zip file
  • Free Project Unzip and past WWW folder or  htdocs Folder
  • Create the database name: “medical.sql ” 
  • Import SQL file from the project database SQL folder
  • Open Browser Type project URL Link: “http://localhost/”

How to download an Online bus ticket booking project in PHP with Source Code

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