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This project Online Book Store has been developed on Java, Java Servlet, JSP, C++, HTML. The most purpose of this java project Online Book Store is to develop the web application in Diploma in engineering, B.SC in Computer science engineering (CSE), IT, software engineer final year college and university students submission. The java Online Book Store project is accessible in our site free project. com. We provide a full free java project with source code. The main activities for developing this Online Book Store system project in java are to manage the details of the Online Book Store.

Create a web-based application for an online book store where users can browse, search, and purchase books. The system should provide an interface for both customers and administrators.


  1. User Authentication:
    • User registration and login functionality.
    • Secure password storage.
  2. Book Catalog:
    • Display a list of books with details (title, author, genre, price, etc.).
    • Implement search and filter options.
  3. Shopping Cart:
    • Allow users to add books to their shopping cart.
    • View and modify the cart contents.
    • Calculate the total price of items in the cart.
  4. Checkout Process:
    • Address and payment information for order completion.
    • Confirmation and order summary.
  5. User Profile:
    • Allow users to view and edit their profiles.
    • Display order history.
  6. Admin Panel:
    • Secure login for administrators.
    • Manage books (add, edit, delete).
    • View and manage customer orders.
  7. Security:
    • Input validation to prevent SQL injection and other attacks.
    • Secure communication (HTTPS).
    • Session management to handle user authentication.
  8. Responsive Design:
    • Ensure the application is accessible on various devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).
  9. Database:
    • Use a database to store information about books, users, and orders.
    • Consider using a relational database like MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  10. Technologies:
    • Java for backend development.
    • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the frontend.
    • Use a web framework like Spring Boot for the backend.
    • JDBC or an ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) library for database interactions.
    • Implement RESTful APIs for communication between the frontend and backend.
  11. Testing:
    • Implement unit testing for critical components.
    • Test the application’s functionality with various scenarios.
  12. Documentation:
    • Provide clear and concise documentation for code, API endpoints, and database schema.

Optional Enhancements:

  • Implement user reviews and ratings for books.
  • Include a recommendation system based on user preferences.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Integration with payment gateways for real transactions (consider security implications).

Online Book Store features of the module pages

About us

Contact us

Cart pages

Category pages



Book details

List categories

List of the category book

Login for book order

Logout for the user account

My account

Book order

User register

Book search

Shopping cart

View product orders


How to run the free project

Project import on the IDE, MyEclipse, Eclipse, NetBeans and run it.

How to Download Online Book Store Project

Free project and source code download Java Free Online Book Store with source code Free Download from the category of Java free project. Download file size Online Book Store source 1.45 MB (1,524,769 bytes).

If you want to download the Java Online Book Store Project please go to click for the download button and wait for few seconds. 

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