Free Project in C# Online Auction System

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Project Name: Online Auction System in C#  Project 
Project Type: Web Application
Software Tool: Visual Studio Software, Microsoft Office Vision 2003
Used Programming Language: C#HTML,HTML5,CSS,CSS3, Bootstrap and JavaScript
Database name:  SQL Server 2014
Supported Browser:  Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Year: 2019
Post Date: 18.01.2019
Project Size:17.17 MB
Project Author:  Freeproject24

There are two features in the project.

  • Login User
  • Login Admin

The vital point of this venture is to control every one of the subtleties,

User  features  Page:

Account check


Change Password

Edit Profile


Seller Product

User master Page


Winner Pages

Admin Login  features  Page:

Admin master page






Seller Product

Sold Product


Sub Category

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