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Online IT Service Help Desk programming is an electronic application created utilizing ASP.NET. The fundamental objective of this undertaking is to give a better correspondence framework in programming organizations with the goal that their emotionally supportive network gets compelling, productive, and solid.

Complete source code cum vital task documents of this venture can be downloaded from the connection underneath. As task documentation & reports are not accessible right now, allude the data talked about underneath as a summation of this undertaking.

An Online IT Service Help Desk System is a valuable tool that enables organizations to manage and respond to IT-related requests effectively. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a free Online IT Service Help Desk System using ASP.NET.

Project Overview

The Online IT Service Help Desk System will serve as a centralized platform for users to submit IT-related requests, report issues, and receive timely assistance from the IT support team. It will streamline communication, track request status, and ensure prompt issue resolution.

Tools and Technologies

  • ASP.NET: A web development framework by Microsoft.
  • C#: The programming language used with ASP.NET.
  • SQL Server: A database management system for storing user data, requests, and support tickets.
  • HTML/CSS: For building the user interface.
  • JavaScript: To enhance frontend functionality.
  • Entity Framework: For efficient database operations.
  • ASP.NET Identity: For user authentication and authorization.

Project Steps

1. Project Setup

  • Create a new ASP.NET project using Visual Studio or your preferred development environment.
  • Choose the appropriate template (MVC or Web Forms) for your project.
  • Organize the project structure with folders for models, views, controllers, and other relevant components.

2. Database Design

  • Design the database schema to store user information, IT requests, support tickets, and other relevant data.
  • Define the required models and set up the database context using Entity Framework.

3. User Authentication and Roles

  • Implement user registration and authentication using ASP.NET Identity.
  • Create roles for users, IT support staff, and administrators.

4. Request Submission

  • Develop a user-friendly form for submitting IT service requests.
  • Include fields for issue description, urgency level, and relevant attachments.

5. Ticket Tracking

  • Create a dashboard for users to track the status of their submitted requests.
  • Implement ticket status updates and notifications.

6. IT Support Interface

  • Develop a dashboard for IT support staff to view and manage incoming requests.
  • Enable staff to assign, prioritize, and respond to tickets.

7. Communication Channels

  • Implement a real-time chat system between users and IT support staff.
  • Enable seamless communication to resolve issues efficiently.

8. Knowledge Base

  • Include a searchable knowledge base containing common IT-related solutions and FAQs.
  • Empower users to find self-help solutions before submitting requests.

9. Reporting and Analytics

  • Generate reports and analytics to monitor request trends, resolution times, and staff performance.

10. Security and Privacy

  • Implement data encryption and access control measures to ensure data security.
  • Comply with data protection regulations and best practices.

11. Testing and Deployment

  • Thoroughly test the application for functionality, security, and user experience.
  • Deploy the application to a secure web server, following best deployment practices. Free Project Online IT Service Help Desk System Project Free Download


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